Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CHD awareness month - February

Hey all!

I am happy to announce that out trip along with MANY magical activities are planned and booked for our week at the Wonderful place that is Disney. Monique is VERY excited, as we all are very much looking forward to some fun!

February is CHD awareness month. Before Monique was born I had not a clue what CHD was, I had never seen that acronym in my life. So many people have no idea this condition even exists! Image all the wonderful things that could be done for our children if only more people knew about our children who are born with broken hearts. Even though it is the #1 killer of infants why is it that this condition is not more known, publicized, researched.

When our kids are sick, the flu, a cold... it is NOT just another common illness.
When our kids go to the dentist... it's NOT just a check-up.

:) ...

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